Some people have had some lovely things to say about the Edible School Gardens DVD.  Too many for me to have the timeto get up here for you, though please be patient, I willendeavour to keep adding as I can.  Be assured I appreciatedall reviews, be they the mothers (or fathers) at home, teachersand my professional colleagues...

July 2013
Phil Dudman
"A love ofgardening is one of the greatest gifts you can give anychild...That’s the essence of what this exceptional DVD is allabout"
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August 2012
“If they grow it, they will eat it”, that’s Leonie Shanahan’s positive message for parents and schools. But howto get an affordable school food garden started?
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October 2012
The Natureweavers Place
As a teacher and Earth lover, watching Leonie’s “Edible School Gardens” DVD was a very big “thank goodness!!!!!”....  Leonie has succinctly and clearly related howmaking and maintaining a school garden may be done.
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