Valerie McCall

Just to let you know that I've added your link to my website, and maybe you'll like to know that it's in 3 languages, :),, click on 'Enter Don Pedro's garden' and go to 'links'
I hope that when my book comes out, people from many countries will come and visit your website!

And again, I want to congratulate you for your beautiful website. I really like it! Every time I look at it, I feel like making myself one big salad!
It's very nice that people who work in the permaculture field take pictures and show their project online. Many people in Switzerland have no idea of what permaculture is, and your project is such a wonderful application of permaculture and a way to sneak garden into cities!

When I researched permaculture for children on the internet, I was so delighted to find your website.
It's such a great idea: something many people wish for their kids at school....and you've done it along with your team!!

I hope it will inspire some people to do the same in their country. In any case, I am inspired!

You've got a very nice project going on and I wish you all the best for its continuation.

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