No-Dig Gardens

Page 53 of Eat Your Garden

To get the maximum from of our food we need to rebuild our soil and bring it back to life, teeming with microbes, bacteria, fungi and worms. I love the no-dig method as it€™s fast and the results are €˜crowd stoppers'. Your vegies will be bursting out of the ground in no time.

My no-dig method has lots of ingredients in it and I make no apology for that. If you are serious about growing really healthy food, this is the way to do it. Remember, healthy food, healthy you and your family.

You only need to do this method when you begin your garden. After that you just top up with compost, worm castings and occasionally, minerals.

Use what is available to you in your area, for example if you have sheep in your area, that is the best manure for you as it€™s the closest and even better if its free. Don€™t use ingredients from far away, look for what is local.

We almost have two gardens within the same garden bed. We have one system happening under the newspaper and then another one above the newspaper. There is a reason for this. While we have been happily planting above in our newly made no-dig garden, the organic matter that is under the newspaper is breaking down and slowly improving the original soil. By the time our no-dig garden has dropped to ground level (after a year or so, depending on rain and heat) and the newspaper has broken down, all the work we did above and below, will have created a beautiful living soil.

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