Permaculture Gardens In Schools



To develop edible gardens within school communities that will encourage health and build life-long skills and knowledge of participants, enabling communities to grow towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

Key Goals

To create life-long learning opportunities through the establishment of edible Permaculture gardens in schools.


a)  to follow the 3 principals of permaculture; Care of the earth,   care of the people,  sharing of surplus

b)  create a learning environment that encourages the skill of observation, participation, team work, planning, design and maintenance.

c) Create a garden that

• is functional (as food production area and a living classroom)
• is aesthically pleasing
• demonstrates the natural process of growth and decomposition
• develops in the student a sense of achievement through a child centred approach where students take ownership of the task and the outcome

d)  Develop life long skills of food production

e)  create a place outside the classroom where learning is valid but focussed on actities which are based on real life, are relevant and have an emphasis on hands on activities.

f)  to design lessons, in and from the garden, which will produce a positive outcome for the student frustrated by the confines of a desk

g)  to devlop a sense of co-operation with nature, work/team mates and the entire school community


Learn about permaculture design
Learn about principles of permaculture  
    Care of the earth
    Care of the people
    Sharing of surplus

Observation of nature
Community interaction - source donations
  -  community building day on set up day
  -  ongoing working with community members especially older members, example grandparents
  -  respect for elders,  learning about the past

Garden design
Design and set-up of permaculture garden which includes students and the wider community
Growing food without chemicals
Learning about life cycle of plants
Composting and waste reduction, using natural alternatives and what happens to plastics
Sustainable practices, growing mulch and green manures, Seed saving, Food miles, the importance of buying locally and growing your own food
Enhancing the natural environment
Health benefits of freshly grown organic food

Celebration days and Harvest Day celebration with local chefs, musicians and dancers
Correct procedures to harvest produce
Respect for all living things

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