Chancellor State College Middle School

My only High School and how much quicker the students understand.  Years 8 - 10 Environmental students were involved in the program and they very quickly got the concept of design and had a design drawn up.

The students sourced donations and were very successful.

They already had a fenced area in which to put the garden.  In an afternoon students and parents quickly transferred their design from paper into reality.  What I loved about working with these students, besides their fast absorption of information, was their inquiring minds.

For example one student asked me 'my sister has cancer, what plants can I grow that could help her?'.  They understood that plants are living and are for wellness.

The garden is to be incorporated into the home economics classes.

Note from Leonie:

As the Edible School Gardens program is being developed and constantly improved, it is important that I look back on each school and evaluate how the program ran in that school and if it could have been done differently to make it more successful.   Here I talk honestly about all those things that could have been done differently so that hopefully you won't make the same mistakes.