Successful Projects
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Be Positive- It's Catchy
Everyone wants to be part of a positive and successful project, that is what edible school gardens are and that's the message you are getting out to everyone so that they support you.

Be A Recycler

Check out building sites and raid their bins (with permission). What companies/industries are near by that might have useful rubbish e.g. sample paint opts for artwork, buckets, bricks.
Be creative in your thinking of where resources can come from.
Form partnerships with restaurants, get them to save food scraps, which you can collect for your compost and worm system.
If you are also staring a kitchen, ask at local restaurants if they have plates,chopping boards, kitchen utensils etc that they can donate to you, especially of they are upgrading their equipment.

Make Connections
Can you form partnerships with local associated groups

Permaculture Groups
Transition Towns
Gardening Groups
Slow Food Movement
Local Markets
Lions/Apex Clubs
Community Banks
Local Tip Shop

Value Your Volunteers
Always acknowledge them and ask them how they are.
Welcome and be grateful for their ideas and physical input.
Students can make thank you cards/Christmas cards for them.
Volunteers are no only your 'willing' workers, but you can never know who they might talk to; networking can equal donations.

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