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The below are not in any particular order, though we all communicate and assist each other either in the permaculture community, environmental concerns, or community minded initiatives.  If I am missing any of my 'friends' here below, please just give me a nudge and I will of course include you on the below.  It is beneficial for us all to link to each other, so if I don't have your details, please just contact me :)

If you have an interest in the environment or gardening, the below would be very good to contact.  Without communicating new ideas and concepts to each other, like any industry we would not advance, so you never know what you might learn from any of the below...

Sunshine Coast ECO News
The Editor - ECO
PO Box 269, Nambour, QLD, 4560
Telephone: (07) 5441 5747

Sunshine Coast ECO News is designed to be an independent community forum; a newspaper that intends to report on the major issues affecting our current and future lives without fear or favour.  ECO aims to foster original thought and embrace quality communication in the vital areas of our environment and conservation.

Permaculture Noosa Inc.
PO Box 619
Cooroy Qld 4563

There are approx 200 members in the Permaculture Noosa group or which they give me endless support.  Members donate their time to help set up school gardens, donate edible plants, products, support our supporters, and are there for my endless questions I have about plants, pest and recipes. I never worry if I am presented with a garden problem as I know there will be many members in the group whom I can approach for answers. They are constantly there to support me personally as well.

The below people and groups have been instrumental in assisting me over the years and I can't thank them enough!

Fiona Ball

I met Fiona in 2001 when she was doing edible school gardens, I worked with her to set up Nambour primary school and also Fiona, the orginal Permakids educator invited me to join them in workshops.  Fiona went back to teaching in 2002 and handed over to me all her resources, books, videos, endless valuable notes and documents as her successor in edible school gardens and permakids.  Fiona is my rock, my mentor and good friend, she is always there to advise me, listening to my new ideas and my emotional rock.  I am totally blessed to have met such a generous, loving person such as Fiona.

Janet Millington

Janet Millington is my permaculture teacher, I did my Permaculture Design Course with Janet in 2001 and Janet has been there to advise and guide me through my journey of Edible School Gardens.  Janet, and Carolyn Nuttal have published a much needed book, Outdoor classrooms  which linked the garden to curriculum.

Jade Woodhouse

Jade is a purist when it comes to teaching organics.  Jade taught me the passion of growing food that was there to provide you with 110% health.  Jade is a true inspiration on my work and I can only aspire to be like her one day.

Sean Morrow

Sean willing assists me with the final design when I need a second option or someone with more hands on experience to fine tune the design.  He is very experience and very professional.  Sean also provides us with many of the plants required in a edible school garden.

Growing Communities

Before I started my edible school garden projects I spent time researching existing projects.  I went and spent time with each of the schools that NSCF were involved in and thank Guilliano, John, Dick and Linda for allowing me to do that and for their continuous support.  formerly Northey Street City Farm (Brisbane)

Cultivating Community

Melbourne has always been the leader in edible school kitchen gardens and I have had the pleasure of spending time with all the workers in Melbourne.  We freely share own experiences and exchange ideas.  They are the original school garden workers.

Isabel Shipard

Isabel has an extradionary amount of knowledge on the health benefits of so many herbs and even what we refer to as weeds.  Isabel over the years has provided me with much information on what are the best herbs to plants in edible school gardens for maximum benefit to childrens health.

Geoff Lawton

Geoff and Nadia do amazing work in third world countries proving that permaculture is the answer.  They are an inspiration and proof that we can make a difference  Zaytuna Farm.  Geoff was one of the original founders of Permaculture Noosa and now has The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

Need A Guest Speaker?

Have an upcoming conference, seminar or workshop. Leonie is a passionate speaker with extensive experience in edible gardens focusing on childrens health. Enquire here... Click here

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