St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

All Year 5 classes were involved in the project and the whole term's curriculum was based around the garden - religion, maths, English, etc. (See testimonial of how easy that term was).  The students thoroughly loved their time in the garden, always running across the oval to get to their garden classes as quickly as possible

This school is on coastal sand and unfortunately the soil mix we paid for had nut grass in it.  This weed consumes enormous amounts of our time as we try to weed it out.  Over the holidays, even though we cover it with very thick newspaper, it comes alive and takes over the garden again.

The garden went through an inactive time as the 3 main people involved with the project weren't there - the Principal transferred, the Special Ed teacher went on long service leave and the Year 5 Co-Ordinator changed to teaching 1 day a week. Whenever I have a new enquiry about an edible school gardens I tell them to get at least 3 supporters first, one must be the Principal, one must be a teacher and the others can be teachers or parents, the idea being that should one drop out, there are still 2 people left to carry the program until others come on board.  Thankfully everything from the orginal set up has been documented and another teacher has restarted the garden program.

2009 Unfortunately the Edible School Garden has been bulldozed to make way for new building.  At least if we start again, we'll know not to order in that landscape mix.