Lynsey Martin

Year 7 Teacher - Stella Maris Catholic Primary School

At Stella Maris Catholic Primary School we have been lucky enough to work with Leonie this year on a smaller scale veggie garden.

The children have been anticipating the construction of the garden for well over a year, studying through units the elements of permaculture gardening and sustainable living.
I have never seen children so excited to get outside and get their hands dirty!

Leonie’s expertise and charismatic personality allowed the children to have a wonderfully engaging and informative couple of days building and planting the garden. Leonie’s approach is child-centred and these types of projects provide invaluable opportunities for experiential learning.  The children were begging to get outside as much as possible!

These children are learning valuable ‘life skills’ and the garden is serving as a catalyst for many other projects including school-wide composting initiatives, worm farms, fresh supplies for the tuckshop, healthy eating resources and a range of other curriculum opportunities. 

The entire community has benefited from Leonie’s input and we are hunting for further grant support to get Leonie back as soon as possible!

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