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Slow Food Kitchen Garden Grants

Sponsorship of edible school gardens


The project is scheduled to begin at the start of Term 2, 2009

Slow Food Noosa will provide funds of $6000 towards the kitchen garden/ edible school gardens project of which the successful school is to match these funds (this can be acquired from grants, donations etc.).
Please elaborate on how your school will obtain funding.

The principal needs to fully support the program.  The school will be required to organize a kitchen garden/ edible school gardens project  working committee, preferably made up of a combination of interested teachers, groundman, tuckshop conveners and parents, to work with Leonie Shanahan to embed the program into the school and the community. This committee needs to be in place BEFORE the project begins.

Your school requires space, access to water and a positive environment towards sustainability and good food.

Teachers who€™s classes/students are involved with the garden are required, when requested, to follow through with tasks  For example:  year 3 collect food scraps from tuckshop and feed worms,  Years 4 & 5 (rotating weeks) water the garden when required.  Year 6 Green teams to collect food scraps and to turn compost.   Leonie will set up these waste reduction systems.

The longevity of the project, when Leonie has completed her contract, is a vitally important consideration.  The school needs to have plans now about how they will continue the project eg: employ someone, or have a teacher or parent take over the project.   At the end of the project the school will have an extensive manual on all processes done in the garden and monthly activities and subject suggestions.    How do you see your school continuing the project, please elaborate on this.

It is important that we have access to photographs to use for further media promotions, functions and also for our websites.  We would expect the school to authorize photos of the students in the garden, except due to legal reasons surrounding the student. All photos would be given to the school for authorization first.

School is to verifiy there insurance policy in regards to the Kitchen Garden/Edible School Gardens Project and provide written documentation.

It is recommended that the school provide teacher/parent volunteers training once or twice a year with Edible School Gardens co-ordinator Leonie Shanahan after the project has finished.

Slow Food Noosa Kitchen Garden Project/Edible School Gardens reserves the right to withdraw from the project should  the school not be €œsupportive€  or €˜co-operative€™ of the project.

Send written expressions of interest to:

Slow Food Kitchen Garden Project
PO Box 1564, Noosaville DC Qld 4566

With all the above information included in your submission.

Slow Food Kitchen Garden

If you have a school in mind, please let us know, as others from this school may have shown an interest
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