Food Is Your Medicine

Page 37 of Eat Your Garden

If we all learn to eat the correct food, we will live a long and healthy life, this is especially important for our children who these days are exposed to so many unnatural foods and a cocktail of chemicals. The more variety offresh foods you introduce to your child€™s diet, the better their health and that€™s what the garden is all about the most nutritious food for ourselves and especially our children.

Thanks to Isabell Shipard for the herbs list for children€™s gardens. These herbs have so many positive effects on our health and I strongly recommend you research all the benefits these plants can give you. The herbs listed are supportive for brain function, immune building, strengthen and invigorating the body, healing and first aid, improve skin and of course all those vitamins and minerals you will also receive. I have listed just some of the health benefits to be gained by adding herbs to your diet and I urge you to further research.  The cause and effect of diet on physical health is well known, but don't dismiss the effect that diet has on mental health.

Herbs are incredibly good for us, below is a small list of health qualities that these herbs can give you and your family. For an extensive list of the benefits of the herbs listed, you need to reference: How can I use herbs in my daily life? By Isabell Shipard

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