Eat Your Garden

Organic Gardening for Home and Schools

This book is a feast of edible gardening ideas. Centred around how to inspire children in the garden, BUT, kids or no kids,EAT YOUR GARDEN is a handy addition to any good gardeners collection.

It's an inspiring, fun and practical guide to all things gardening!

Includes practical information on a range of gardening essentials including .....

  •     Comprehensive monthly planting guides
  •     Guidelines for garden design
  •     Worm farms and worm towers
  •     Edible flowers
  •     Soil pH and ideas on building soils
  •     Tank gardens and theme gardens
  •     Practical pest control ideas
  •     Processes involved in creating fantastic no dig gardens
  •     Growing  green manure crops and using inoculates
  •     Herbs for health, including cordial and herb teas
  •     Nutrition in your plants and nutrition in you
  •     Growing in pots and recipes for incredible potting mixes
  •     Seed saving and growing sprouts
  •     Easy references to other relevant vegetable gardening resources, including websites, books, radio etc

Leonie's vision of developing edible gardens within school communities has encouraged healthy eating habits amongst thousands of children, parents and teachers. With EAT YOUR GARDEN, Leonie has compiled that experience into a practical guide which truly demonstrates, for the rest of us, the 'edibility' of our gardens.

EAT YOUR GARDEN will ensure you grow your own and eat it with gusto, knowing the nutritional content of your home-grown food is worthy of the fun and effort it took to grow. Step out of the mould, embrace your garden and stop the endless trips to the supermarket/organic store!

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