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Lyme disease Sucks $24.95 + $10 p/h

What would you do if you were diagnosed with Lyme disease?

That was the question Leonie Shanahan faced. when she saw the word positive in black and white.

Leonie’s journey from being a vibrantly active and dynamic speaker and organic gardener, to a woman struggling to get out of bed and function, was a long and hard fall.

But when she reached out to the medical community and the systems she needed for support, they refused to believe her.  "We don’t have Lyme disease in this country!” they said.

Undeterred, Leonie was not about to give up. She refused to fill her body with drugs and instead went on a journey of discovering alternate therapies to rebuild her mind, body, and energetic spirit. She would become stronger, wiser, and healthier than anyone expected.


Leonie’s story will empower you with:

  • Health tips and practices that your doctor won’t tell you about
  • The latest in healing information
  • Insight into helping others understand what it’s like living with Lyme disease
  • The tools to live a better life, with quality relationships
  • Healthy practices to achieve a strong, vibrant body
  • Improved lifestyle choices.
  • Healing solutions

Whether you have Lyme disease, or know someone who does, Leonie can help. She dives deep into the latest information about creating real health, so you can become a stronger, thriving version of yourself.


$1 from every book sale goes to LDAA Lyme Disease Association of Australia (add logo)

Edible School Gardens – DVD & Book combo $39.95 + $10 p/h

Edible School Gardens Leonie is an author and educator that has built dozen of Edible School Gardens over the years and has been an influence on children and their new healthy eating habits. Leonie now shares her secrets in empowering school children to design and build their own organic vegetable gardens and all the process involved to create a sustainable living garden.  Read more about the Edible School Gardens DVD.


Eat Your Garden - BOOK $19.95 + $10 p/h

This book is a feast of edible gardening ideas compiled by Leonie’s wealth of experience teaching organic gardening to school children over 10 years. Easy to follow instructions, stunning photos to support the information and all facets of organic garden recorded in one book.  Read more about the Eat Your Garden Book.


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