Montville State School   

As the Edible School Gardens program is being developed and constantly improved, it is important that I look back on each school and evaluate how the program ran in that school and if it could have been done differently to make it more successful.   Here I talk honestly about all those things that could have been done differently so that hopefully you won't make the same mistakes.

I was approached by the groundswoman who knew all about organics and had been doing gardening with the students but wanted help to kick start a new permaculture garden and program.

Space was limited and therefore so was the design.  Loads of parents turned up for set up day and being country people they were enormously resourceful in obtaining goods and improvising - a fun day.

For the few days I was there over a couple of months I tried to instil as much information as possible as we planted, made composts, worm farms and towers and planted food for the chooks.

Today the groundswoman successfully runs the program with students and parents.