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Leonie has had great success not only with teaching children how to learn the importance of an organic garden, she has also enabled teachers to carry on the programme themselves, or in some cases community groups.

For further information on how Leonie can advise your particular group or yourself so that you can implement this programme, please just contact us.

Educator Edible School Gardens Program 12 Month Program

Consultancy How to set up Edible School Garden Program in your school, Permaculture & Organic Systems and 12 Month Program

Teaching Training / Consultancy

If you have the staff, parents or grandparents that are keen to start a edible school gardens program but don't know how, Leonie can do teacher training either one day, two

days or one day per term at your school.

The consultancy will lay out a program for the term with detailed instructions about the different processes including what is permaculture and organic gardening and why, how to make a no dig garden, worm farms, 2 types of compost methods, soil tests, green manure crops, what to plant and when and how to plant, aftercare of seedlings and plants, best plants to grow for children's health, how to pick the produce, which flowers are edible, bush foods, pest solutions, companion planting and themes ideas.

All this is presented in a manual for further reference, as part of the consultancy. Any updates of the manual will be forwarded automatically to your school. Teachers / parents / grandparents after the training are able to stay in contact with Leonie for advice and support.

Graphics on this page:
Top Right hand corner: Leonie Shanahan speaking at a seminar for teachers on 'Outdoor Learning & School Gardens'.
Bottom Left hand corner: Leonie Shanahan catching up with Josh Byrne (from Gardening Australia) at the national permaculture conference in Sydney .

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