Sunshine Coast Libraries Speakers Testimonial

Sunshine Coast Libraries are very grateful and fortunate to have had Leonie Shanahan on board for the past two months as part of a Living Smart initiative.  Leonie presented nine educational and highly engaging sessions to the community based on her knowledge around organic home gardening. The sessions were very informative and provided up-to-date information for local gardeners.  Leonie encouraged participants to be proactive and offered some great tips on how to improve or enhance their gardens, and enrich their lifestyles!  The libraries received an abundance of positive feedback from Leonie’s sessions including the following samples:
“Interesting handouts, recommendations for local products, covered most things needed to know and stayed on topic”
“The part I liked best was learning techniques to make compost and no-dig gardens, as well as plan my new garden”
“Talk was great! Sample brochure and magazine a bonus!! Excellent and knowledgeable presenter.”
“Very impressed with the presentation”
“I learnt how to buy products locally and build up my soil's fertility with minerals”
“This is a growing movement with great potential”
“Down to earth content and presentation”
“Loved it...want more!”
Leonie has been a pleasure to work with and has demonstrated excellent communication skills, which made organising these events a breeze.  We would absolutely recommend Leonie for further community projects and wish her all the best in her future endeavours!

Kind regards, 
Rhiannon Tingle 
Regional Events Coordinator | Library and Gallery Services