QLD Home Garden Expo Giant Kitchen Garden

On Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of July, Leonie Shanahan will be presenting at the Queensland Garden Expo -an expo widely recognised as Queensland's premier gardeningevent and one of the top gardening eventsin Australia that encompasses all things gardening. Throughout this 3 day event, held at the Nambour Showgrounds on the Sunshine Coast, Leonie will be giving the following presentations:

11.15 – 11.45 KITCHEN GARDEN WORKSHOP Friday 5th July

How to Build a No Dig Raised Vegetable Garden

 No Dig Garden is an  Organic Gardening method used  in a Tank  Gardenordirectly on the ground, any ground, toget your vegetable gardens started.  I love my No Dig Garden method, it has proven a successful way to get plants performingat their peak in a short periodon time.  I will demonstrate howto set up a No Dig Garden,there are lots of layersinvolved with varied ingredients such as minerals, molasses, lucerne,manures to provide you with a garden ready to produce the healthiestfood possible.  Healthy soil,healthy food equals healthy YOU.    

 12.30pm – 1pm KITCHEN GARDEN WORKSHOP Saturday 6th July

How to Build a Herb Spiral & Grow Herbs for Health

Herb Spiral is the most attractive, vertical,sweet smelling organic space you can create.  They areeasy to put together and are a focal point for every vegetable garden.  Inside your spiral will be planted an assortment of medicinalplants bursting with health for you.   I love them so much I have 4 of them.  I’m going to talk you through the steps involved tosetup your herb spiral and medicinal herbs to grow in them.


The How, What, When & Where of Planting Vegies

The How, What, When and Where of Planting salads and vegetables NOW.  Some people will just tell you to ‘bung it in’ but there is amethod of planting for maximum yields andhealthy organic food bursting at the seams with goodness.  Thereare lots of books and information out there that just don’t relate to our climate so let me guide you through your veggie growing season withthe How, What, When and Where.