Permakids workshops

Permaculture workshops for kids at Veggie Village



Permakids workshops at Veggie Village

Workshops are for children 5 years old (no younger so please don't ask) to 12 years old. 
Parents are welcomed to stay and join in with permakids or other activities at Veggie Village.
Cost $5 per child per session

All children need to bring water, hat, healthy morning tea, sunscreen and wear closed shoes.

Bookings essential limited numbers.  Leonie 5474 5892 please leave a message

Workshops agenda may change at any time at the discretion of the facilitators

Dates for the works shops to the right will be advised very soon, stay tuned...

Permakids is nature, and permaculture gardening awareness workshops for children.

These workshops are for children to explore and be in touch with nature - nature being above and below the ground, this is done in a variety of ways from observation, use of all senses, games and hands on experience.  They learn about the magic of growing food, the smells, feel, taste and flavour.

We play lots of games too, paint or create art with nature and spent much time laughing and smiling.
No workshop would be complete without the children taking home there own mini garden that theyhave personally planted up that day.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council has funded another year of Permakids Workshops at Veggie Village,Peregian Beach

Workshops will be starting in February:
Workshop 1 - 22nd February
Workshop 2 - 08th March
Workshop 3 - 24th May
Workshop 4 - 14th June
Workshop 5 - 26th July

Details and booking information will be available soon...

Veggie Village is a Community Garden at Di Hirst Oval, Peregian Beach.
The Village will use permaculture techniques to teach people how to grow their own fruit & vegetables in individual and communal veggie patches.


Permaculture for Kids

Our aim is to increase young children awareness of nature and our environment by games, hands on experiences within the community centre and beyond to their homes.

Thanks to all the permakids who took part in our workshops this year. We look forward to seeing you
again next year and having a big feed of strawberries.
For more information about Permakids or School Gardens call Leonie Shanahan on 5474 5892

Organic Gardening on Sand, for Adults

Sponsored by Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Dates to be released in February, stay tuned...

Further information about Veggie Village:

The Village will use permaculture techniques to teach people how to grow their own fruit & vegetables in individual and communal veggie patches.

Veggie Village give its participants a sense of community and contribution while growing fruit and vegetables in a friendly and fun environment.

Veggie Village is dedicated to the ongoing education of its participants to help expand the benefits of self-sustainability and healthy lifestyles.

Veggie Village Peregian Beach is the first of a series of villages that will be established throughout the Sunshine Coast.

To contribute to the development of a sustainable community through encouraging and promoting the growing of organic food and native plants.

Objectives:   1. To provide a community garden for practical experience in sustainable horticulture of food and native plants.
   2. To utilise the community garden as a catalyst for social cohesion and interaction within and between all sectors of the community.
   3. To provide opportunities for education and information in sustainable horticulture of food and native plants.
   4. To promote the sustainable horticulture of food and native plants in the broader community.

22nd February
Garden tour, lets look around veggie village and discover everything that is happening here.     
Make name tags from banana pulp
Game nature awareness
Potting up, - paint pot and plant up
Prepare permakids garden plot - chop, dig and explore.
Seed sorting what seeds grow into which plant & why do we save our own seeds and grow plants from seeds.
Seed pictures, with some of our seeds create a picture
Pot up some seeds/seedlings to grow at home in your own organic vegetable pot or garden
Plant some seeds into a special children's bed

08th March
Make name tags from banana pulp
Garden tour/adventure
Make tipees to protect our seedlings weave with long leaves
Plant seedlings inside the tipees
Plant seedlings into our no dig garden
Play compost game
Smell things, discover where scraps go, adopt a worm as a friend,
Set up a worm farm

24th May
Be detectives, get your magnifiers out & look at what bugs are in the garden, even the bad bugs are really the good bugs.
Use water meter to see if our gardens need watering
Plant seeds and seedlings
Game :  Pollinating Game
Plant some sunflower seeds to help the bees
Plant musical instrument seeds to grow a living fence
pH tests
sample food we have been growing in the Permakids garden
Make a scarecrow

14th June  
What's happening in our garden?
Make compost, collect items for compost
GAME  compost game
Check out children's garden spray plants with seaweed & fish solution to keep the plant strong & healthy
Plant seedlings
Make mini hot houses
Vegetable alphabet can we eat something from the garden from each letter of the alphabet
Propagation and dividing of plants
Plant seedlings to take home


26th July
Check moisture levels with water meter
Game : nature awareness game with blindfolds
Make a mural/magical Mandela using materials from nature rocks, leaves, stems, branches, seeds, nuts to create stories.
Make tipees and weave
Seed pictures, that grow as well
Paint shoes to plant into
Plant seedlings and seeds
Fertilise organically   

09 August 2009
Game :  web of life how our actions effect the life cycle of all living creatures, even the ones we cant see.
Harvest food from children's garden for morning tea
Pot plant party create your own mini garden in pots to take home
Make compost collect materials for compost (weeding)
Treasure hunt collect whatever clues are hidden in the egg cartons
Leaf rubbing
Propagate plants to take home
Plant seedlings into our children's garden

06th Setpember 2009

Herbs it's all a bit smelly this week, it's all about Games, magic, herbs to identify and discover why they are so important, eat some, pot some up and take some home.
Make your own herb vinegar
Salads to be picked and made for morning tea.

25th October 2009

Celebration day.  Our last permakids for this year.  Games, games and more games
Pick all salads/veggies and herbs to bag up for permakids to take home.
Make some special food for shared morning tea.
soak seeds (green manure crop) in preparation for planting into permakids plot for summer break
Magic beans, make a ti pee in your pot to plant your magic bean to grow over summer




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