HMAQ Profile

HMAQ Profile
Leonie Shanhan has been recognised by the horticultural mediaindustry and is now a member of the Horticultural Media Association of Queensland. 

HMAQ Leonie Shanahan's Member profile
  • Author, Educator, Presenter, founder of Edible School Gardens program, and freelance garden writer
  • Set up Edible School Gardens program in over 20 schools  
  • 2010 author of Eat Your Garden for Home and Schools,whichsimplifies organic gardening through vibrant photographsthatcompliment the easy to read instructions 
  • 2012 presenter of Edible School Gardens DVD, where Ecofilmsdocumented my 12 month Edible School Gardens Program as a Howto Guide for teachers and parents Performs organicgardeningworkshops from my organic property 
  • Writes a newsletter about organic gardening 
  • Conducts gardening workshops at garden expos,environmentalevents, community gardens, libraries andschools 
  • Runs training workshops for parents and teachers 
  • Public speaker at conferences, seminars, forums andgardenexpos 
  • Written articles in Clean Food Organic, Bud Organic Magazine  
  • Awarded Living Smart award in recognition of mydedicationand professionalism in permaculture education andadvocacy foredible school gardens programs
  • Advanced certificate in horticulture/certificate 3inhorticulture 
  • PDC Permaculture Design Certificate
  • Certificate In Sustainable Agricultutre – NTS and Dr Arden Anderson