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How to set up a organic vegetable garden

Growing food organically is the only real recipe for your health. Leonie will guide you through all the different elements you need to have a succesful productive edible garden.
We will discuss how to get started, garden design, soils, planting, what you need to do to have plants bursting out of the ground, and aftercare.


Saturday 12.15 – 12.45 KITCHEN GARDEN WORKSHOP

Leonie will demonstrate her very successful method of No Dig gardening. You can set up a no dig garden anywhere - on top of concrete, gravel, in tanks and of course soil. 


Organic Gardening: How to grow food bursting with health.

Anyone can just plant a seedling and maybe it will grow, but plant your seeds and seedlings organically and you have plants that will be healthier, will grow faster and be more resistant to pests. Let me share with you all the processes involved with growing food organically.

healthy plants - healthy you


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