Blackall Heartland Festival

Heartland gardening workshop opens a can of worms

Even cane toads have uses in the gardening practices of Leonie Shanahan and people who attend her sustainable gardening workshop during the Blackall Heartland Festival will find out all about that and more.
Known as a pioneer in the development of edible gardens, Leonie will have lots of information on topics such as compost and worm farms, the design aspects of companion planting, and food as medicine throughout the day at The Worm Turns healthy gardening workshop.

She has a passion for health and decided to change the eating habits of children with positive actions by setting up Edible School Garden programs in schools, giving children hands on experience.
Leonie has now set up 20 schools in the Sunshine Coast area and has taught and changed the eating habits of thousands of students.

Leonie said her goal was simple. “I realised early on that if children grow it, they will eat it!  I believe there is an urgent need to spread this gardening knowledge in order to improve the health of our kids – the next generation.”

Workshop organiser Lindy Hardie is getting excited about the day, which takes place on Tuesday, May 31, firstly at the CWA Hall then at the home of Jim and Jill Taylor.

After Leonie runs through the ideas behind permaculture and organic gardening the workshop will move to 14 Bedford Street for a healthy lunch and a practical demonstration of ‘no-dig gardening’.
Attendees will see how to create a compost heap that should be ready in 18 days.

The $25 entry fee will give people a sample bag full of vege seeds, bulbs, some healthy snacks and information sheets, as well as morning tea, lunch and attendance at the workshop.
Copies of Leonie’s book, titled Eat Your Garden, will also be available on the day, which is the culmination of years of questions from children, parents, teachers and other gardening professionals, and those answers put down on paper for all to read and learn from.

“Leonie speaks at many garden expos, shows and garden club outings so this is a great opportunity for us to learn from one of the best,” Lindy said.
“Far from opening a can of worms, the day promises lots of enlightening and interesting ideas.”

Lindy is taking bookings for the workshop – please ring 07 4657 5974 to reserve your place.

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