2010 Woodford Folk Festival

Even though it was a muddy affair in 2010, The kids really enjoyed stomping around our garden in their gum boots, feeding the chickens and the worms, and most importantly being instrumental in creating their own permaculture village. 

Check out the sort of 'stuff' (kids love to use that term) we did below and the fun had :)


Monday 27th December     10am - 2.30pm           Far OutMakechook house for our chickens
Make clay snail
Frog pond
Sound wall
Paint signs for arch

Tuesday 28th December     10am - 12.30pm       Far Out

Herb spiral
Bamboo fence
Frog art
Plant up frog pond
Make snail structure

Wednesday   29th December  10am - 2.30pm    Far Out

Make arches and trellis
Mini tipees
Art :  make mobiles/dream catchers

Thursday  30th December  10am - 12.30                Far out

Worm towers
Worm farms
Paint totems

Friday  31st December   10am - 2.30pm           Far Out

Scarecrow making
Natural art
Bamboo flutes

Saturday 1st January   10am 12 noon               Far Out

Seed pictures
Bamboo flutes
Rain makers

A world of wonder is waiting: step through the gate and be carried into a breathtaking world of imagination and play.

Since the festival's humble beginnings in Maleny, we have held true to the belief in presenting a programme for children that they can jump into, roll around in, drink, smell and be covered with. The wish is that they come, have fun, learn something new, find giving and receiving in equal measure, and leave inspired.

As the Children's Festival has grown year by year, we've watched our youngest children flourish into young adults, sharing with the world, in part, those values and experiences that were part of that growing up.

Children's Festival at the Woodford Folk Festival
The Woodford Folk Festival
27 Dec 2010 to 01 January 2011

WAY WAY MORE at the Children's Festival, download the "Woodford Folk Festival Children's Festival" programme pdf to find out!












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