2009 Qld Home Garden Expo


2009 Workshops presented by Leonie Shanahan

No Dig Vegetable Garden

The concept was originally introduced by Edna Walling back in early 1900's and she still remains the legend in this field.   Leonie has successfully set up 12 edible school gardens on the Sunshine Coast with her no dig garden method, its more than layers of newspaper, compost and hay.  If you want to find out the healthiest and most vibrant way to grow your veggies, herbs and crispy salads, you need to be at this workshop.  With today™s fresh produce grown mostly on nutrient deficient land, we need to build up our soils so that they will provide you with all the health you and your family need, this no dig method will have that for you.  I know that many more people are starting vegetable gardens in their backyards again, just like we used to home back in our parents day, so come and be inspired and get your no dig gardens growing. This is about taking control of our food supply again.

Time poor but value home grown food

Many people say to me "I don™t have time to grow my own food".  Maybe you are looking at this from the wrong angle.  Maybe you haven't thought of some quick ways to get those fresh crispy vegetables to grow at your home or no one has shown you.  Regardless of your circumstances, there will be some form of  growing your own food, a bit like the old pantene ad, ˜it won™t happen overnight, but it will happen™!   Though, you never know, the likes of sprouts can be grown in a jar and eaten in 48 hours.  Leonie will show you a variety of ways you can grow your own food at home having your own ˜Kitchen Garden™ without having to spend hours slaving over your piece of dirt.

Maybe you haven't any space, you can still grow food without soil or space - did you know that?  Or there are other alternatives for those who haven't any space to grow food at their home.  Where there is a will there is a way.   Growing food is for everyone and Leonie will show you how.

Queensland Home Garden Expo 2009

I am pleased to again be presenting workshops at Queensland's biggest Home Garden Show.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with many people and always a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

No Dig Gardening Demonstrations

by Leonie Shanahan
09th July 2009

Queensland Home Garden Expo 2009
Giant Kitchen Garden
Nambour Showgrounds

Time Poor Organic Gardening

presentation by Leonie Shanahan
10th July 2009

Queensland Home Garden Expo 2009
Giant Kitchen Garden
Nambour Showgrounds


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