Finally Leonie is doing Workshops on her own Lakeside Property!

After years of people requesting that she teach outside school or Expo's, Leonie is now going to hold a limited number of workshops from her welcoming home near Noosa.

Leonie Shanahan is well known on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Australia for her very successful Edible School Garden Programs.  Since 2001 she has been teaching students, parents and teachers how to implement organic/permaculture gardens into their school and teaching all the aspects of organic gardening from healthy microbe rich soils, compost, worm farms, how to grow seeds/seedlings/plants/trees, how to maintain these plants to produce food bursting with health, the benefits of eating a variety of organic food  and how to harvest it. 

Since 2001 Leonie has also held workshops throughout Queensland, NSW and Melbourne and spoken at conferences, seminars and clubs and won several awards for her commitment and dedication.   Visit "Speaking" to see the range of workshops that Leonie has held all over the country at some of the largest gardening expo's and conferences.

Leonie is the author of Eat Your Garden Organic Gardening for Home and Schools  and presenter of DVD Edible School Gardens.  Leonie has lived near the beach with a small backyard and now resides on 1 ½ acres where she is living her  permaculture dream of extensive space to experiment with soils, grow food, manage flooding waters, convert neighbours to organics and enjoy her adored chooks.  

For specific information please contact Leonie on her contact page and she will be only too happy to discuss the current workshops available on her property or of course if your particular gardening group or organisation wishes a specific custom workshop.

Visit "Workshops" to see if a date and type of workshop is coming up that is suitable for you!

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