Early Childhood Teachers' Association Conference


22nd June Saturday  ECTA conference Sheldon Qld Conference for Early Childhood Teachers AssocationPresenting on Gardening with children for fun and health.

The children will absolutely love the experience of getting dirtymaking your gardens, but that is only the beginning of theirjourney. We'll talk about creating soil that will come alive withworms and bugs. Get you planting so you can discover the magic ofa seed popping up through the ground, and producing food that wecan eat.  Plant herbs for a true sensory experience and the ‘lolly’ shop gardenthat will never rot your teeth or upset your behavior.  Forso many children, this will be a new experience.  

  • Why grow your own & not just go to the supermarket
  • No dig gardens
  • Tank garden
  • Growing in pots
  • Worm towers/worm farms
  • Theme gardens – pizza, lolly, sensory, good buggardens
  • Edible flowers
  • 1st aid garden
  • Seeds for Success
  • Growing without soil
  • 10 top tips for gardening with children