BOOK WORM - Eat Your Garden Review

BOOK WORM - Eat Your Garden Review

WHOLISTIC BLISS September 2010 Known as a pioneer in the development of edible gardens, local Leonie Shanahan will be exchanging her gardening boots and wide-brimmed hat for smarter attire as she gets ready to launch her first book €˜Eat Your Garden€™ on the 16th September.

Leonie has helped children on the Sunshine Coast understand the importance of eating real, nutritional food straight from the garden since 2001.  Sixteen schools have now participated in her Edible School Gardens Program and she regularly runs Permakids garden workshops across the Sunshine Coast.

Leonie explains her goal was simple. €œI realised early on that if children grow it, they will eat it!€ I believe there is an urgent need to spread this gardening knowledge in order to improve the health of our kids the next generation, and that is why I have written his book€.

€˜Eat Your Garden€™ has been a labour of love for Leonie and is the culmination of years of questions from children, parents, teachers and other gardening professionals, and those answers put down on paper for all to read and learn from.

Well known organic gardener, Jerry Coleby-Williams recently praised the book.  He said, €œIf you€™re a beginner gardener or parent and you and your child would like to learn about gardening, €˜Eat Your Garden€™ is for you.  This book successfully merges permaculture with organic gardening and years of personal, practical advice from a gardener who has been involved in every aspect of school and home food growing.  This is not just a €˜how to do it €˜guide, it€™s a Shanahan synthesis of €˜how to do it well€™ and €˜understanding why it matters€™ guide.  A valuable and refreshing read€.

Bookings for Leonie€™s book launch are essential.  Blue Angel Restaurant, 235 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville   Phone 07 5473 0800

WHOLISTIC BLISS September 2010
Book launch   EAT YOUR GARDEN